I recently asked Laura to cover my emails while I was on holiday. I was apprehensive at first, as I have not worked with a virtual assistant before, but in our initial consultation, Laura was able to answer all of my questions and put my mind at ease.The onboarding process was very easy, Laura and I arranged a Zoom call to go over all the details and eventualities. After our call, I felt comfortable leaving her in charge of my emails.Laura did a fantastic job responding to any urgent matters, scheduling calls, and keeping a log of any emails that might still need my attention.I can’t thank Laura enough for her hard work while I was away and would have no hesitations to recommend her and her team at Ryedaura to my business connections and fellow business owners .
Iska Birnie
Brand Photographer
Laura has been the consummate professional in her work for CECA, both in the Midlands and in the work she undertook across the Association. It has been a pleasure to work with her, and I can state that she would be an asset to any organisation she works for.
Guy Lawson
CECA North West
I met Laura at my BNI chapter in Chester and very soon thereafter I found myself going through a personal crisis and I reached out to Laura. This whole transaction from me reaching out to Laura and Laura taking control on my work emails, phone as well as my social media was a total breeze and left me feeling confident to deal with the personal matters at hand. I cannot thank her enough for her help and support and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Laura to anyone who may need a hand dealing with admin duties. Thank you again
Nicola Cloete
Phoenix Printers
Efficiency and effectiveness are two essential ingredients of todays thriving companies. And for me as a busy business consultant I am always looking for ways to reduce irritations and improve my own business efficiency. Before asking you to automate my diary booking system, I often felt frustrated with the amount of time spent scheduling a mutually convenient time for meetings. But now thanks to your input I will, be saving many hours and countless feeling of frustrations. Your service was quick and right first time, which is so important. I would happily recommend your services to other consultants and business owners and look forward to working with you on more projects
Gail Biddulph
Gail Biddulph Ltd
Laura is simply a godsend. Nothing is too much trouble and she and her team just crack on with stuff without needing to check every single detail. They proactively come up with ideas of how to drive my businesses forward. When you have multiple projects on the go, it’s crucial to have someone like Laura in your corner so that you can focus on growing the business and serving your clients - knowing that someone else is diligently filling the gaps for you. The highest compliment that I can pay Laura is to say that I’m almost reticent to give this recommendation because I don’t want to share her with the world.
Gordon Grant
Dad's Mean Business
My one regret is that I delayed working with Laura for a couple of months. The onboarding process for systems and knowhow etc was seamless and Laura and team have taken on so much of the administration that was getting in my way. Laura is fast, proactive, accurate and quickly started doing the thinking for me - one step ahead and either just gets it done or makes suggestions that are invariably spot on. Laura also responds really well to feedback, incorporating tweaks and improvements quickly and above all, her happy demeaner and real passion for service make her and her team a joy to work with.
David Roberts
NU Heat
I can honestly say 'I'd be lost without Laura'. We met on a Mastermind Group and we clicked straight away. She is professional, calm and responsive. She is innovative and thorough. Anything I ask her to do is never too much. I couldn't recommend her highly enough 💙
Michelle Walter-Smith
AQUA Lettings
I commissioned Laura to help me with using social media to market my business. I can not recommend her highly enough! She is a delight to work with, totally professional, does beautiful, high quality work and always well within the time frame agreed. Her communication is superb. She has saved me literally dozens of hours trying to figure out how to do what she does with such expertise and consistency. Her knowledge, skills and breadth of experience are better than anyone else I have come across to do this work and her personal touches demonstrate clearly how each client is valued and appreciated. Ask her to help you grow your business - you won't be disappointed!
Diane Fisher
Zest 4 Organic
Laura is very efficient and organised; nothing is too much trouble and I so appreciate her taking over those repetitive tasks that I hate! Absolutely recommend Laura for office, social media and admin work.
Anne Corbin
Mind Body Spirit Connection
It was a fortuitous day when Laura walked in to interview for the role of PA/Office Manager as her skill set of finance, secretarial, event organisation and marketing met exactly what was required. Throughout my entire career (and it's been a long one) I have never had the pleasure to work with anyone as professional, efficient, accurate and organised as Laura. In simple terms Laura takes care of everything involved in the running of the the office along with creating and delivering finance and events reports to the Board, large event organisation and social media marketing. Her capacity for work and attention to detail is outstanding, she always ensures that all bases are covered which, makes my job very easy and allows me the time to get on with my role as Director. I cannot recommend Laura and her team highly enough.
Dawn Karakatsanis
CECA Midlands
Just writing to thank you for the excellent work you did for me writing up my disciplinary notes. I had called an employee in to the office on a serious issue and it wall down to the interview, whether he was to keep his employment. Obviously, this was stressful for all parties and I had asked the MD of another company to sit in and take notes during the interview. I was let down as he never made the interview and I had to conduct the proceedings and take notes. It ended up being a scribble mess and the interview jumped from one place to the next. I sat on the notes for three months, I could not face putting everything in order and making it official. That’s when I turned to you. I honestly thought you would not make head nor tails of the several pieces of paper, witness statements etc and expected half a dozen call from you. I could not believe it, I got them all back in double quick time, all sorted. Thank you for the excellent professional service and at a very reasonable cost. I will most certainly use your services again and be very happy to recommend you to my contacts.
David Bundy
BEST Electrical Services
As an outsourced I am often required to set up and attend formal meetings with employees for a range of reasons. The nature of the meetings means that there needs to be accurate set of notes available soon after the meeting so that everyone is aware of what was discussed and agreed so having an experienced, confidential note taker as part of my team to attend meetings is vital to me. I approached Laura to take notes at an Attendance Management meeting recently as I was chairing the meeting on behalf of the employer and could not carry out both tasks. The meeting was held on Teams and Laura listened carefully and provided a summary of the meeting within a couple of hours of the meeting ending. It is reassuring to me to know that I can call on Laura when I have meetings that need to be minuted as I work mainly with small employers who do not generally have the resources in house to carry out these tasks. Thank you for your help Laura. You will be the first VA service that I recommend to others
Cath Blanchard
The decision to work with Laura is allowing me to grow and scale my business like I’ve never been able to do before. Although I’m fairly organised, my social media strategy would quite often just fall off the edge of a cliff before I started working with Laura. Consistency is key with social media, and I really struggled with this especially when I became involved in a big project that needed my full attention to get the required results. I’d tried a number of different ways to improve this including having an agency write and post my social media content and using options like Fivver for the graphics. Unfortunately, these didn’t really deliver the professionalism or working approach that I was after. Since starting work with Laura I am now consistent with my social media strategy and the content and graphics are very professional and add value. When I’m pulled onto a new project, Laura will step in and sort it out for me. She’s extremely professional, never does anything that doesn’t meet my values and standards. She’s also extremely insightful and able to reposition content and share it in a way that is just right for me and my customers. She’s allowed me to stop worrying about the technical detail with all the different platforms so I can focus my attention on what really matters in the business. I strongly recommend Laura to anybody who needs to work with someone they can totally trust, who can get them results from day 1. Laura is creative, flexible, innovative, and hardworking. She’s always willing to work with you to find a solution to a problem. Nothing is too much for Laura. There’s nothing I’ve asked her to do yet that she hasn’t been able to do. Although Laura is called a virtual assistant, she’s in reality of an executive assistant. You get all of the benefits that come from working with an exec assistant, she just doesn’t sit in the office next to you. I feel like I work directly with Laura and only with Laura even though I know that she has an excellent team supporting her doing a lot of the work behind the scenes. The good news is that I needn’t worry about Laura running out of time to do the work I want her to do knowing she’s got that team around her. I’m now asking Laura to do even more in my business. Investing in her support is going to allow me to grow my business to the next level and at the same time give me more time to do the other things I love.
Cathy Bennett